Become a Registration Collection Site!

What Is It?

A Registration Collection Site is a place that agrees to collect registration forms for Pulaski County Imagination Library.  We will provide a collection box and your site can choose to mail in the registration forms or have them collected by our volunteers.  

Who Is Eligible?

Any location that is willing to distribute and collect PCIL Registration form.  We welcome pediatric clinics, day care centers, retail stores, and any other place families with small children frequent.

What Are My Responsibilities?

1.  Complete and return Location Aggreement Form.

2.   Provide a visible location at your site for a collection box.

3.  Answer basic questions about the program (FAQs) or direct folks to the PCIL website ( 

4.  Let PCIL know if you need more blank forms or a pickup in between regularly scheduled collections.  

This link will take you to a site registration form that you must fill out and either mail or email to Pulaski County Imagination Library.  You will then added to the active location list for distribution and collection of registration forms.  Thank you!

PCIL Mailing Address:

Pulaski County Imagination Library

P.O. Box 1821

Little Rock, AR 72203


PCIL Email Address: