Board of Directors

“Kindergarten readiness is the responsibility of the whole community. Through Pulaski County Imagination Library, we can help more children enter Kindergarten prepared to learn.”

Clarke Tucker

Founder and Chairman of the Board

“Early literacy skills provide a foundation for academic success for children, but a love of reading opens the doors of imagination and adventure that cannot be measured. Imagination Library plants the seeds for the lifelong pleasure found in the pages of a book.”

Sarah Argue


“Educational achievement change the trajectory of my life and that foundation is built upon reading comprehension. So I know firsthand that access to high-quality reading material is the first step in ensuring children are able to succeed in school and in life.”

Antwan Phillips

Board Member

“The gift of a book in a child’s hand each month is hard to measure. We know it brings families together; we know it creates a passion for reading that will last a lifetime; and we know children look forward to checking their mailbox each month!”

Mike Poore

Board Member

Books open so many doors for children. They nurture a love for learning, expand imaginations, and inspire curiosity. Early literacy skills and exposure to books at a young age are especially important for academic success.”

Olivia Ramsey

Board Member

“I want to help instill the love of reading to children from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. PCIL creates one of the very best opportunities to help children develop a lifelong love for reading.”

Arlene Rose

Board Member

“Developing pre-literacy skills prepares children to learn to read. Holding books upright, turning pages left to right, and inferring content from pictures are all important skills developed before entering Kindergarten. PCIL provides high interest books to young children in order to develop these pre-literacy skills.”

Jody Veit-Edrington

Board Member

Hannah Vogler

Board Member